Bangladesh has thousands of highly skilled and experienced JAVA developers looking for a good job. The cost of a midlevel Java developer is around 800 euro per month for a full time JAVA Coder. Most of the Java developers can build software applications in frameworks like Grails and Spring. If you want to outsource your software development to Bangladesh, Impel IT Solutions will select and hire the best talented Java software engineers for you and provide them with a good en highly appreciated office environment. Impel has a very good reputation amongst JAVA software engineers in Bangladesh. This good reputation makes sure you’ll get the best developers for a great price. Ensuring you a high quality, productive development team in Bangladesh.

Compared to India, china and even Ukraine cultural differences and language barriers are relatively small, while the salaries are at least 50% lower. This makes offshoring or outsourcing software development to Bangladesh attractive for start-ups and MKB companies. Since Impel is managed by experienced Dutch entrepreneurs and local partners you are ensured of good communications and Dutch Business mentality.